Located in the Buffalo-Niagara Metro Area


Other Schools that certify teachers that teach in Buffalo


Certification Areas Offered

  Niagara University Canisius College University at Buffalo Buffalo State
Early Childhood: B-6 x   x x
Childhood: Grades 1-6 x   x x
Special Education: 1-6 x x   x
Special Education: 7-12 x      
TESOL: Grades 1-6 x x x  
TESOL: Grades 7-12     x  
Middle Childhood – Grades 5-9        
Secondary/Adolescent Education – Grades 7-12   x x x
ELA x   x  
Mathematics x   x  
Science x   x  
Social Studies x   x  
French x   x  
Spanish x   x  
World Languages     x  
Business x      
Phys Ed/Health   x    
Music     x  
Bilingual Extension     x  
Career and Technical Ed Programs       x