1.2 million people call the Buffalo-Niagara Falls metropolitan area home. Nestled against two Great Lakes and the mighty Niagara River, the area abounds with natural scenery and wildlife habitat. Few other American cities offer the opportunity to stroll along beaches and nature preserves with downtown as a backdrop.

Buffalo also has among the most affordable housing of all metro areas with over a million people, with the average home costing far less than the national average. Known as the “City of Good Neighbors,” Buffalo is a pleasant place for anyone to settle down.

Buffalo has long been known for its arts scene and the spectacular Shea’s Buffalo Theatre draws top touring Broadway shows because of the exceptionally high season ticket sales.

Buffalo was once the eighth-largest city in the nation as heavy industry flocked to the shores of Lake Erie, the Erie Canal, and the hydroelectric power from Niagara Falls. With the deindustrialization of America, Buffalo was forced to reinvent itself. And reinvent itself it has. From the redeveloped lakeshore to the thousands of refugees to the industrial space converted into breweries, climbing walls, and a curling club, Buffalo has undergone a renaissance the past decade.